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Food Review; Lewis' Farm Shop, Eyton

Winter is creeping on to us quickly with the dark nights, dark mornings and the hats and scarfs are on. The salads, the barbeques and dinners in the garden are a distant summer memory. This is why I decided to head over to one of North Wales’s award winning farm shop to get some hearty winter treats.

I have to say, usually I approach farm shops with a spending limit, as some of them can be filled with

mix match luxurious expensive products that don’t often have a purpose other than looking pretty

or being a great for gift! That is not what you get when you enter Lewis Farm Shop. I parked up in

the beautiful Welsh countryside and headed to the store, I opened the door and was greeted by a fantastic display of large, fresh vegetables, I had never been before so took a few seconds to take in my surroundings, I spotted a wooden basket and headed for the bakery section.

The choice this store has to offer is incredible as I made my way round there were frozen pastries,

marinated chicken, Yorkshire puddings, potato gratin and most importantly for me pies! I had

been told about two things I MUST try from this store and that I would have to be careful to not get there

too late as they tend to sell out, these are the Gold Award Winners, Welsh Dragon Sausages and

Steak and Red Wine Pie! Today I decided to opt for the pie as I hadn’t been here before I called the

lady from the counter over to give me a hand, the pies and sausages are available both fresh and

frozen, I advised her that I had been recommended the pie and she was beaming.

She started to tell me about some customers she has that come in to buy the pies and how one particular customer likes to heat the pie up at night, have half for his dinner and then the other half cold for his breakfast in the morning! She advised me to get the frozen one as I wasn’t sure if I was cooking it that evening or not, so just encase best to get the frozen one to keep longer if needs be. I placed this in the basket and headed back over to the fresh vegetable stand, two large leeks made their way into my basket

along with a parsnip, carrots and a sack of potatoes.

Steak and red wine pie, sautéed leeks, honey roast carrot and parsnip and goose fat roast potatoes! I headed over to the fridge section and found some goose fat and made my way to the counter, the lady who had helped me earlier kindly packed away my items and I noticed the bakery was in full swing, she advised that everything except the diary items and drinks are made in store, there was a table laden with fresh baked fruit loaves, brownies and cakes, homemade sausage rolls and pasties, I couldn’t help myself but reach out for the Orange Loaf that was only £4.00, great to go with a coffee or tea at home!

I got home with the bag full of goodies and decided I couldn’t wait and texted a friend to see if they

wanted dinner that evening, I have actually never cooked roasties from scratch before so I was

excited to try these. That evening I made my roasties, sautéed the fresh giant leeks with some

pancetta and honey roasted the carrot and parsnips, the pie was in the oven and I was expecting it

to have a lot of sauce so I didn’t bother with gravy and I was right not to. The steak and red wine pie

was delicious and I don’t know whether it was my cooking or the combo or the fresh potatoes and the goose fat but the roast potatoes were incredible, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


At far as staff, service and produce I cannot not find one fault with Lewis’s Farm shop such a great

place for some food shopping. I cannot wait to try all the other delicious items they have a


This is Wrexham card holders can also take 10% off their bill when shopping there too! For more information, check out their website here.

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