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New Visitor Maps & Itineraries Launch Ahead of Summer Season in Wrexham County!

Ahead of the busy summer holiday season, the This Is Wrexham Tourism Partnership has launched a set of new visitor maps and itineraries that aim to encourage tourists to visit more areas of the County Borough.

Following a series of workshops for the local tourism trade last Spring, thirteen new itineraries have been developed that showcase some of the popular and less well-known places to visit, eat and stay in Wrexham. These itineraries range from days out with the family, dog friendly places to visit, foodie adventures and two day stays for the adrenaline seekers amongst us.

Thanks to funding secured through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government and their own membership fees, the tourism partnership have been able to stage the workshops with the trade, print the itineraries and maps which will be available in most local tourism destinations and commission a group of popular bloggers to document the itineraries further this summer.

Tourism continues to flourish within Wrexham County and North East Wales thanks largely to the proximity to North West England for daytrippers and those looking to escape for the weekend, with data showing almost a 40% growth in tourism in recent years.

Chair of the This Is Wrexham Partnership, Sam Regan said;

“Although we’re now fully in a digital age, working in the trade we know that demand for printed maps is still apparent and this project has been brilliantly supported by the local tourism businesses and we have a great product to help drive more visitor numbers now over the summer & autumn. The itineraries feature a wide range of tourism businesses and attractions across Wrexham County and were developed in conjunction with our trade and travel & tourism students from Coleg Cambria at three great workshops earlier this year."

Workshop facilitator and North Wales Tourism Ambassador Tansy Rogerson added;

“Facilitating both workshops was a real joy and reinforced the passion that those working in the trade have for the tourism offer here in Wrexham County. Tourism across the region is thriving and North Wales is the adventure capital of Europe – so Wrexham County is well positioned to benefit from more visitor numbers now as these itineraries have something for everyone!”

To check out. The itineraries and download digital copies of the map, visit and follow @ThisIsWrexham on social media over the summer to see what other adventures you can have!

The next project for the tourism partnership is to produce a new film over the summer with the aim of helping those currently working in – or just starting their careers in tourism – to develop a greater knowledge of the tourism offer and amenities in the County so that they can share their knowledge with visitors.

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