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New lease of life for Erddig Christmas trees

National Trust rangers have recycled Erddig’s decorative Christmas trees for some den building fun!

Weekends until 2 February, families can enjoy campfire cooking and tick off the National Trust’s 50 Things activities by toasting marshmallows*.

Christmas might be over, but with a little chainsaw magic the historic hall’s rangers have created a fun activity for families in the Timber Yard.

Instead of throwing Erddig’s Christmas trees on the compost heap, Erddig’s rangers have come up with a novel idea for upcycling them. Using chainsaws, they’ve stripped the branches to create a new den building activity for families to enjoy.

In the past, the Timber Yard would have been a hive of activity with joiners crafting wood felled on the estate for a variety of uses at the hall and for homes on the wider estate.

Today a semi-circle of frames has been built and the tree brash saved to create cosy canopies for each den. Half a dozen pine tree frames are now secured in Erddig’s Timber Yard.

Harriet Cade, Erddig Ranger said:

“We’re very aware that visitors miss our Wolf’s Den natural play area during its winter conservation, so we’re bringing a little 50 things fun out of the woods with this simple way to reuse the Christmas trees.

“Once Wolf’s Den reopens at half term after a little rest and conservation, the tee pees will be reused again to create woodchip in the natural play area.”

Christmas tree den building and weekend campfire cooking will be available in the Timber Yard until 2 February. * Toasting packs cost £1.50 and include 2 biscuits, four marshmallows and a long stick.

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