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FOOD REVIEW; The Shippon by Mark Ellis

From the inviting driveway, the sheep in the surrounding fields and the outdoor tables with fresh flowers, the first impressions of The Shippon were positive.

The recent renovations inside were, quite frankly, brilliant. I loved the way they’d used lighting to illuminate the old animal troughs and used old milk vessels as lamp shades. I’d been able to make a booking online (which I always prefer) and we were shown to our seats by a welcoming server. Despite visiting on a midweek evening, the restaurant already appears very popular and soon became busy.

We were offered drinks (I opted for a delicious rhubarb gin and tonic) and we were provided with water for the table. We were given menus to browse and I confess it was difficult to choose, as all of the dishes sounded appetising. I was with both of my parents and we agreed to get a different dish each and taste each other’s!

I opted for Ox as my starter, which was described as ‘Soft tail, crispy tongue, mustard seed, radish, hen’s yolk’. My parents chose the ‘Mosaic’ (pressed chicken) and Pigeon and I can confirm that both were absolutely delicious.

However, we all agreed that my ox starter was spectacular; the meat was tender, tasty and when combined the the egg yolk, pickled radish and horseradish, it was a taste sensation.

The service was prompt, attentive and professional throughout our visit. Bearing in mind that the restaurant has only been open for a few weeks, I thought the staff were polite, knowledgable and friendly.

For our main courses, I (eventually) decided on ‘Rare breed pig’, which was described as ‘crispy belly, morel ketchup, hand rolled black pudding’.

My parents ordered ‘Welsh Black Beef’ and ‘Hake’. Again, all three dishes were pretty spectacular; the presentation was like something from Masterchef and I can safely say that the meat and fish on each dish was cooked to perfection. The pork belly was crispy on top and moist underneath; the black pudding was fabulous; the flavours were balanced and it was seasoned perfectly. The extra sides we’d ordered to share, broccoli with almonds and creamed potatoes, were also outstanding.

We were all pretty stuffed after our first two courses but the desserts sounded so delicious, we couldn’t resist ordering a couple to share between us. We ordered ‘Save the Bees’ from Great British Menu and also the ‘Plassey Baklava’. My parents thought the Baklava was one of the best desserts they’d ever tasted - they were both BIG fans of the liquorice sorbet!

I loved the Save the Bees - the honeycomb biscuit was divine, as was the iced rhubarb.

I’m absolutely delighted to see such an amazing, upmarket, modern restaurant in Wrexham. I have no doubt that it will be a huge success and I, for one, will definitely return. Whether you want to treat someone special, you want to celebrate an occasion... or you just fancy a decent meal in a lovely atmosphere, book a table soon - I suspect that, once word of the fabulousness gets around, it’ll be tough to get a booking!

The Shippon is a unique restaurant and lounge bar offering an alluring mix of exquisite food and drink combined with sublime surroundings for the North Wales and surrounding areas. Tucked away in the beautiful Dee Valley, within the picturesque setting of Plassey Holiday Park, which covers 250 acres of the beautiful North Wales border, the Shippon restaurant and wine bar is a true hidden gem of culinary delight and beautiful design. Offering what we like to call 'edible elegance', it is our aim to provide an exquisite culinary experience, which will delight all of the senses, to all who step through our door.

Eyton Wrexham North Wales LL13 0SP

T: 01978 780999 E:

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