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Wrexham Launches New Silver Tourism Ambassador Modules!

Wrexham’s new online Tourism Ambassador Course has this week released three further modules, following on from the success of the initial first three Bronze modules, which launched earlier in the year!

The Wrexham course is part of the award-winning Wales Ambassador Scheme, which provides people with training and knowledge about the special qualities of areas in Wales.

Participants now have the opportunity to complete three further Wrexham modules, and on successful completion, will become Silver Ambassadors.

The Wales Ambassador Scheme is open to everyone and it’s a great way to learn more about the unique characteristics of each place. A series of online modules on a variety of themes is offered. This includes Welsh language, communities, culture, history, landscapes, sustainable tourism, cycling and walking. There are 3 levels of awards – bronze, silver and gold, depending on the number of modules completed. Rewards including certificates and badges are sent to everyone who completes the levels.

There are currently over 3,750 people registered to the Wales-wide scheme, with over 2,700 people reaching bronze level, not only from within Wales but from all over the UK and beyond. 6,243 bronze, silver and gold badges have been awarded with around two thirds of bronze achievers going on to reach gold. 15-20% of users enrol onto more than one course.

Ambassador, Jen Brierley added: “I feel blessed to live in Wales. From home I can visit beautiful beaches, rugged mountain landscapes and rolling hills. I can head out and watch a sunset from the top of an ancient hillfort or stroll where the mountains meet the sea enjoying ever changing views in different lights. What I love about being a Wales Tourism Ambassador is being able to grow my own knowledge about the beautiful place I call home, and then share it with others on my social media platforms so they can enjoy this special place too, in person, or through my photos.”

With six modules now live, the Wrexham Ambassador team intend for the remaining four modules to become available in early 2024, allowing those signed up to complete the course and become Gold Ambassadors.

For more information on the Wrexham Tourism Ambassador Scheme and to sign-up, please visit

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Tomas Virgin
Tomas Virgin
Dec 15, 2023

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Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller
Nov 24, 2023

This is great

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