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How to Enjoy the Wrexham Drive-In Movies!

Heading to the Wrexham drive-in movies this weekend on the Waterworld Car Park in town? If so, you'll want to check out our top 10 tips for having a great evening...!

1. What if my ticket hasn't turned up in the post?

A few people have been in touch about this. Don't worry - if the postman hasn't been, just simply bring a copy of your Paypal receipt (either printed - or on your phone). We'll have a list of names on the gate - so we'll match these up and let you in.

2. What time should I arrive?

Firstly, what film have you got a ticket to see?

If you're coming to our 5.15pm showing of ELF THE MOVIE - then this starts at 5.15pm! Like the normal cinema, we have trailers first - so you can arrive anytime from 4.30pm (at the earliest).

If you are coming to see HOME ALONE - then this starts at 8.00pm. But, please don't arrive before 7.30pm - as we will still be clearing out cars from the previous film and this may just cause congestion on the approach roads!

3. What should I wear?

Now it's highly unlikely (unless you want the loo!) that you'll leave the car. Even if you do, it'll be dark and nobody will be looking at you - so we'd suggest getting warm & cosy in your favourite hoody, scarf, jumper or even PJ's! Remember - although you can leave your battery on (to run the radio) - you can't leave your engines running, so it may get chilly!

Hey, why not pop a duvet and a few pillows in too - others have in the past! You could even reverse into your space, pop the seats down and lie back (...and watch the film of course!).

4. Will food, drinks and toilets be available?

Yep. On the night - the toilets at the Memorial Hall will be open before, during and after each showing, so you'll be fine. There are male, female and disabled toilets.

Don't forget - on arrival, if we haven't already eaten it, you'll get a (sealed!) big bucket of toffee popcorn to enjoy the film with as part of your ticket price. We've also got a grill there on the night serving hot / cold drinks, burgers and chips.

5. How do we listen to the sound on the screen?

Dead easy. Well - only if you have an FM Radio (...but most cars built after 1985 do anyway). Leave your keys in the ignition, turn the engine off - but just leave the radio on to hear the sound from the screen.

The frequency to tune into will be displayed on the big screen prior to the film.

Worried about your car battery dying? Check out point 10 below.

6. Can I sit outside of my car - or on the roof?

Yes - we won't be, but you can if you fancy it! Just bring a deckchair, really warm clothes and listen to the film with your windows down. As long as you don't obstruct your neighbours line of vision - you'll be fine.

7. Will we still be able to see if we're near to the back?

Yes. We have marked out 114 bays that will have uninterrupted lines of sight to our Iconic 100 screen. This is 46ft of pure LED technology which can be viewed from all angles - but our trained marshalls will park you to ensure you'll see ok. Please don't spot a space and park - as it may be that we need to keep exit routes clear - or it might be for a competition winner etc.

8. Can we bring the dog?

Sure. We know a lot of dogs like Elf - and many haven't seen Home Alone! Others have in the past - check out Natalie Riley's instagram post from last summer...

9. Can we put a dedication on the screen?

Haha! Are we going to get a Christmas marriage proposal on Sunday night??? Maybe not, but if you want anything popping on the screen - please email before 10.00am on Sunday morning.

10. What happens if my car battery dies?

There's always one!

We've thought of this - and there'll be roadside recovery there with us on the night to get you kick started again within minutes if this should happen. Most new (ish) cars will turn the battery off after 20-mins or so, so you may have to keep turning the ignition back on - but this just safeguards your battery.

Above all, have a great evening!!

If you remember, please also share an in-car selfie with us (@ThisIsWrexham) on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to win a meal for two at the Lemon Tree Restaurant here in Wrexham!

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