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Business Wales Workshop - the Road to Recovery

In a pilot 2-hour session, we will focus on The Customer Journey, shedding light on how customers make their decisions on where to go on holiday, the value of a staycation, why they might choose North Wales over other UK locations and offering tips on how businesses can create and drive engagement with potential and previous clients.

We will show you how to identify and target your ‘ideal’ client, the value of booking platforms, and also the benefits and challenges in running your own direct booking platform, looking at social media and how to use it best.

We will take you through the added value of networking (and share those networks) and collaborating with other similar businesses, how to build trust and add ‘Welshness’ to your offer through working with local producers and suppliers, whether it be for food, produce or other products such as toiletries or local visitor attractions.

We will give tips on managing the customer experience from the initial engagement, query, booking process, and during their stay adding value through local knowledge and client- focussed opportunities.

We’ll tackle the thorny question of managing complaints and how to bring your whole team (whether the team be husband and wife, seasonal/temporary workers and any suppliers/collaborators) on board to delight the client and make them decide to return and recommend to their family, friends & colleagues.

The presenters are –

  • Adrian Barsby – Barsby Associates

  • Andrew Wallace Forfar – Visit Wales

  • Jim Jones – North Wales Tourism

  • Tansy Rogerson – Armadillo Events

  • Karlos O’Neill – Superfast Business Wales

  • Julie Masters – Clwydian Range Tourism Group

  • Jayne Jones – Cywain

  • Melanie Cash – Melanie Cash Training

  • Yvonne Jackson – Condor Hotels

To book follow the link below:

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Dec 04, 2023

I really love going to different seminaries. You will even laugh when you find out that I went to college only because the coolest seminaries for students were held there. It was very easy to get in because I bought a letter of recommendation from the service. I found this service on the Internet after the thought struck me, “can you buy a letter of recommendation on the Internet” and luckily for me it was possible. That's how I went to college to attend cool seminaries and gain different experiences.


Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
Oct 09, 2023

"Business Wales Workshop - the Road to Recovery provides invaluable insights for businesses navigating post-pandemic challenges. This empowering event equips entrepreneurs with essential tools, fostering resilience and growth. ICOholder applauds this initiative, fostering a robust business ecosystem. Together, we pave the way for economic resurgence, ensuring businesses thrive in a dynamic market landscape."

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