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New survey by financial group Provident finds out that Wrexham people are the happiest and most friendly in the UK!

Wrexhamites woke up this morning to find news that a survey by financial group Provident titled 'Unbroken Britain' has ranked the town as the happiest place in the UK with the most friendly people! 

Provident’s biannual report asks residents to rate their local area on different aspects such as safety, amount of gossip and friendliest community


Wrexham voted the happiest city in the UK 


An updated report from Provident titled ‘Unbroken Britain’ has disclosed the safest communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  


As part of its biannual report Provident has surveyed 2,830 Brits to find out how welcoming, friendly, polite, safe and happy residents in each city of the UK feel their community is at present, compared to that of 6, 12 and 18 months ago. 


The biggest change is Birmingham who were deemed as the 6th most welcoming city 6 months ago but have now fallen 11% meaning they are now the most unwelcoming city in the UK! Sheffield is now the 7th happiest city moving from the bottom of the table 6 months ago. 


Residents were asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 on how they felt within their community - the results of which can be seen below...

Speaking about the survey data, Joe Bickerton, Destination Manager at Wrexham County Borough Council said;

"What a great piece of news for Wrexham!  Although the sample size for the UK was relatively small, Wrexham has beaten off competition from residents in major towns and cities across the UK to take first place, so there's been a real feel-good factor on social media today.  Added to this, we learnt from the town centre team yesterday that footfall in the town continues to remain high - so we're doing all we can to ensure that the buzz about Wrexham - and the wider County continues for the future prosperity of all those who live & work here!"

To read the article on increasing footfall in town as reported at yesterday's Town Centre Forum - check out their article below...

About Provident:

Provident is the largest home credit lender in the UK and is part of Provident Financial Group one of the UK's leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market which provides a number of products including; home credit loans, online loans and credit cards.

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