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Tom Walker Announces Two Free Pop-Up Gigs in Wrexham This Sunday!

Leave a Light On hitmaker and British chart sensation Tom Walker has tonight dropped some huge news with a FREE pop-up gig in Wrexham City Centre this Sunday 17th March!

Tom will be performing the first of the two acoustic gigs on Queens Square at 11.00am on Sunday, followed by some time doing meet & greets ahead of a second performance after lunch at 1.00pm.

It's all part of Tom's desire to showcase some of the town's & cities around the UK - with the aim of highlighting why they are so special.

Born in Kilsyth, Scotland, in 1991 but raised in the Cheshire town of Knutsford, singer/songwriter Tom Walker’s eureka moment came early after his father took him to see AC/DC at age nine, he started campaigning for a guitar, and he eventually mastered a multitude of instruments while learning to sing and compose.

He became inspired by Ed Sheeran’s one-man folk-pop forays while attending the London College of Creative Media and after a period of busking and banging on music-biz doors, he began releasing a string of singles through Relentless/Sony in 2016, establishing his blend of folk, pop and soul influences and his way with an intense, emotion-soaked ballad.

But he didn’t connect commercially until 2017’s “Leave a Light On” exploded across Europe and earned him platinum status in several countries.

The next year, “Just You and I” became an even bigger hit, and by the time both songs showed up on Walker’s 2019 debut album, What a Time to Be Alive, it was clear he was the next big troubadour. Walker’s win for Best Breakthrough Act at that year’s Brit Awards drove the point home even further.

To discover more about Tom and listen to some of his music, visit his official website via;


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